A typical work day sees you rushing to office after gulping down a hot beverage and some frugal breakfast. Biscuits in the office, caffeinated beverages from a coffee vending machine, some chocolates and a lot more coffee throughout the day represent a classic work day. And to top it all; demanding bosses, unrealistic deadlines, late evening and late night schedules, dominating targets, and an impossible workload are like enhancers to a deteriorating lifestyle. Such factors contribute to a number of non-communicable diseases that are today referred to as lifestyle diseases. As fancy as the term sounds, the effects are contrary. They are disastrous and sometimes even fatal.

The Existing Routine

Obesity is a growing concern in today’s modern world. Regardless of the thousands you pour in gyms and health clubs and a variety of diets you follow; the waistline just does not seem to do any better. After all the stress and workload endured during the day; the urban population resorts to ready meals, canned food, take aways and high calorie snacks. These are like an open invitation to lifestyle diseases. A lot of workload means reduce time and energy to exercise thereby compounding the effects to a large extent.

The Modified Routine

Having a tight schedule at work has become inevitable but what is not an option is neglecting your diet patterns. Healthy foods are often easy to make and do not take much time to prepare. Make sure your breakfast is healthy, balanced and has enough nutrients in it to fuel you through the day. Carbohydrates, fiber, protein and other micronutrients are essential for a healthy diet plan for working professionals. And health vending machines at work are a blessing in disguise. You do not have to spend even a few minutes to prepare your food when you can pick up your healthy snacks on-the-go as you pass by these machines in the office corridors. Only expert recommended healthy foods are stocked in these machines so that you satiate your hunger and also take home good health.

Health food vending machines are easily accessible and today an integral part of healthy corporate culture. Your office is the place you spend three quarters of your waking hours and hence becomes imperative you have healthy food options to choose from. From buttermilk to nuts, fruits and whole grain crackers; health food vending machines are certainly emerging as a hot favorite in the country.

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