For decades, the human race has been made to believe that snacking isn’t healthy. However, the medical sciences are proving otherwise. Snacking is ideal for all age groups of people starting from kids to the elderly. However, the quantity and quality of snacks play a very important role on how healthy the practice will turn out to be. The significance of snacks in your everyday routine cannot be underestimated and more so for working professionals that lead a sedentary work style. Eating healthy snacks at work does not just rev up your metabolism levels but also contributes to weight loss over a period of time when you keep a tab on your calorie intake.

What the Health Industry has to say…

Studies have proven that snacks can account for 20 percent of your total daily calorie intake; the same that should come from breakfast. The balance 60 percent of your daily calorie intake is split between lunch and dinner. Introducing healthy snacks in your everyday diet helps to increase variety in your food habits and also contributes to overall micro-nutrient consumption. However, what you snack on is very important. Including a lot of saturated fat foods or ones rich in salt and sugar can only strip you of the very purpose of healthy snacking. Every time you have a choice; choose foods that are rich in fiber and starchy carbohydrates, nuts in moderation, fruits and vegetables.

Healthy Snack are Boring – Busting the Perception

Healthy snacks do not have to be boring or bland. This is yet another popular misconception. Healthy snacks can be both exciting and nutritious. If you have a craving for something sweet; you could gulp down a few small bites of dark chocolate, a good helping of low fat yoghurt and fruits. Smoothies made with skimmed milk are yet another option. But, the problem lies in carrying a good variety of healthy snacks to work every day. For an average working professional, time taken for preparation may be a challenge. So, a ready alternative is always welcome.

The Ideal Alternative

Eat right portions of healthy snacks at work every day. Control your calorie intake and choose healthy snacking to eating heavy meals. The rise of health revolution in India stems from the fact that a larger percentage of deaths are today caused by lifestyle diseases such as cardiac disorders, cholesterol, diabetes, stroke and respiratory problems. And the primary reasons for such dramatic increase in health risks are diet and modern lifestyle. Hence, the importance of healthy snacking gave birth to health vending machines at work places and other important public hubs.

The health food vending machines are accessible, stock healthy food alternatives sparing you from preparation troubles, insist on the necessity of healthy snacking and offer a variety to choose from. These vending machines are a great boon at the workplace which is fast emerging as the important reason for the quick spread of non-communicable diseases worldwide. Recognize and utilize the advantages of health food vending machines at your workplace today.

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