Tips for Healthy Workplace Eating

Why Snaxsmart

Despite advances in the fields of medicine and healthcare, the incidence of so called ‘Lifestyle’ diseases is skyrocketing.  Lack of exercise and sleep, sedentary lifestyle, stress and low quality of food are often key reasons behind the emergence of lifestyle diseases, which includes conditions like obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, heart diseases, and respiratory disorders.

There is growing awareness about lifestyle diseases and people have begun to recognize and understand the role of health foods today. People pay close attention to what they consume at home, but very often they do not realize that they end up eating junk food at the workplace. Starting with cookies and chips in the meeting room, washed down with plenty of coffee and tea, to an endless list of unhealthy food such as fried snacks, aerated sugary drinks and cheese rich pizzas, made available at the office cafeteria or the food court, these are the villains that breakdown people’s resolution to eat and stay healthy.

Let’s begin by answering some simple questions –

1.      What is your idea of comfort food when you are working?

2.      How long does it take for the delivery boy to bring to your work bay a pizza, burger or fried chicken with loads of cheese on them?

3.      How many counters serve fried snacks at your cafeteria?

Fast Food is definitely delicious for those taste buds but as they get down, they cause more havoc than you can imagine and more quickly than you think.

What if there is an attempt to introduce a change in this scenario? Would your food choices be any different?

79% of corporate professionals have stated that LACK of ACCESS to healthy foods at the workplace has contributed to their choice of fast food.

So, HERE is the SOLUTION…  Snaxsmart. Let us show you a healthy tomorrow